Experience Argentina's Santa Cruz Province

Jake Crawford September 26, 2023

On the barren expanse of the Patagonian Steppe, not far from the Argentine mountain hub of El Calafate in Southern Patagonia, a fly fishing miracle is unfolding before us in real-time.

Why is it only coming to light now, when the rivers and lakes in question have been there for thousands of years? Because, only recently, wild trout and salmon were introduced or strayed into these unique, food-rich ecosystems; ecosystems that miraculously grow fish bigger, fatter, and faster than any region we have seen.

Today the programs we represent in the Santa Cruz Province are a living testament to the biological anomaly that has made the southernmost province on the Argentine mainland home to the most productive and unique trophy rainbow trout, resident and sea-run brown trout, king salmon, and steelhead fisheries in the world today. This is that ten years ago little was known and the province today offers some of the world's finest trophy cold-water fisheries. Fly Water Travel has been exploring the region and developing deep personal relationships with the region's best outfitters for the past twenty years and we look forward to sharing what we have learned with you.

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Our Patagonia Destination Manager is Jake Crawford