Video - Madison Double R, Montana

Max Salzburg December 15, 2022

Madison Double R is an exceedingly tasteful lodge on the Madison River, established by people who know how to provide a luxury experience.

Owners and hosts John and Krista Sampson, known for partnering with Paul Mosely to open Ruby Springs Lodge, are at it again in this recent venture, Madison Double R. For the angler who appreciates modern dwellings and deluxe amenities after a day on the river, Madison Double R is sure to impress. Striking views of the mountains that make Big Sky a national treasure fall backdrop to the curated cabins, lodge and patio where guests can spend their evenings enjoying a cocktail by the stone firepit. The fishing program follows suit with quick access to the renowned Madison River, with a myriad of other local fisheries for those looking to diversify their trip.

Madison Double R

Madison Double R, Montana

Experience what some would call the world's most famous trout river at a comfortable, world-class lodge.