Sub-Surface Stillwater Rigs

Die hard Stillwater anglers have a rig to match every scenario. Mega clear water? We’ve got you covered. Fish eating midges at 10-15ft at a creeping pace? We’ve got that covered, too. Don’t feed the fish your way. Find their rhythm and match it.

Stealthy Stripping

When you're fishing an exceptionally clear lake, stealth is key. To capture these particularly picky trout, you need a stealthy set up that can cover a variety of depths.

Premier Aqualux

The Premier AquaLux line has a 30ft clear intermediate head that sinks at 1.5 to 2ips, and is deadly for fishing between 2ft and 6ft in depth in stillwaters. The short head makes it easy to cast, and reduces the number of false casts required - resulting in more fishing time. The head integrates seamlessly into a translucent green, intermediate sinking running line that is super slick for maximum distance.

Powerflex Leader & Fluoroflex Strong Tippet

Powerflex Trout leaders feature a powerful butt section that provides unsurpassed turnover for effective wind penetration—a must-have for stillwater. Finish with Fluoroflex Strong for increased invisibility in ultra-clear lakes.


Below the surface of lakes lives a variety of food. You could fish nymphs or buzzers to "match the hatch." But, why not just trigger an eat by using a streamer and getting a reaction eat. Strip that bugger and see what happens!

General Sub Surface Rig

General Sub Surface Flies

Chironomid Crawl

Patience is lake fishing with midges. But the explosive eats are worth the wait. This approach is not for the fidgety angler, as you methodically cast and crawl your way through stillwater. It tests even the most zen-like anglers out there. Crawl your way to connection with an uber-specific rig built for sensitivity, long casts, and slow strips.

Premier Midge Tip

The Premier Midge tip is a floating line with a 3ft or 6ft long, clear intermediate tip that sinks 1.5 inches per second or a gray hover option that sinks 1 inch per second. This is deadly effective on windy days when fishing in shallow bays, close to lake shores, or overtop of weed beds, and is perfect for fishing nymphs, emergers, and chironomids (buzzers).

Fluoroflex Strong Tippet

Fluoroflex Strong is the ideal choice for fishing in spooky lakes. With a low refractive index it's the least visible tippet we make. It also features high abrasion resistance and excellent knot strength. You won't find a better option when slow crawling midges.


Uncover the secrets of stillwater fly fishing with midges! Our selection of flies are your ticket to success, with various sizes, colors, and weights to choose from. Unleash these aquatic bugs into the depths for all-day eats.

Midge Sub-Surface Rig

Midge Sub-Surface Flies