Soft Hackle Trout Spey Rigs

Swinging flies is simply more fun with two-hands, and our
lineup of Trout Spey rigs are a testament to that. Soft hackles fished with an
appropriately designed and light front taper are an absolute treat. When
down-and-across is the play, reach for a dialed soft hackle trout spey rig.

Soft Hackle Trout Spey

Fishing soft hackles can be very fun and effective way to trout spey when insect activity is high. Another great thing is that now more than ever, the latest trout spey models on the market accommodate smaller flies with ultra-light weight rod models. Perfect for casting small flies and drylines while swinging just below the surface. There may be no better time on the water than casting and swinging soft hackles when the action is on. Smooth, light, and packed with fish fighting fun.

Elite Trout Spey

The Elite Trout Spey Shooting Head has a very easy casting, short head for anglers using light two-handed trout Spey rods and built on RIO's ultra-low stretch ConnectCore Plus for maximum sensitivity. Anglers can attach regular leaders, 10ft replacement tips, or Trout VersiLeaders to the front, making these heads perfect for soft hackles. With a medium head length and finer front taper, the Elite Trout Spey line has been updated from previous iterations of our trout spey lines to better accommodate softer touch casts and lighter flies, making this line a true joy to fish on soft hackles like never before.

Leader & Tippet

With heads designed to keep flies closer to the surface, the Trout Versileader is the leader of choice for soft hackle trout spey applications. The ultimate leader system for quickly adjusting sink rate on the end of smaller trout spey and scandi shooting heads #4 and lighter, VersiLeaders allow the user to quickly adjust fishing depth without changing fly lines. Simply loop the VersiLeader onto to the end of a line to adjust the depth at which the fly is presented in the water column. For running line attached to the head, we recommend lighter trout spey appropriate Powerflex Ultra in the .025’” range.

Soft Hackle Flies

With long hackles pulsating on the swing or combined with a tungsten bead to help the fly drop down in the water column, soft hackles come in a number of different sizes and combinations. All however are a joy to cast and are highly effective when applied in trout spey during high bug activity. Fish the classics or swing a bit of flash – a fun and effective tactic to get your fly to stand out from the masses when the hatch is on.

Soft Hackle Trout Spey Rig

Soft Hackle Trout Spey Flies