We call it “fly” fishing for a reason. And even though it’s 2022 and the flies we use aren’t necessarily the winged, invertebrate kind anymore—in fact, many anglers might go their whole life without tying something on that’s meant to imitate an insect — ask 10 people what fly fishing is and the answer will more than likely include something about trout and bugs (and Brad Pitt). And why not? They’re found on almost every continent, from sea-level to the treeline, from anonymous backyard ponds to rivers whose names are uttered with the sort of reverence usually reserved for saints. Take a 9-foot, 5-weight rod, a leader, and a box of a dozen or so flies, and you can catch one just about anywhere. For many, fly fishing is trout fishing, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


There’s nothing hatching - it’s too cold - trout are too lethargic to eat - not enough daylight... Excuses. Forthose willing to put in the extra work in the winter months, the miles walkedare that much more rewarding, and the tugs that much sweeter. So grab yourmittens, a handful of midges, a few juicy streamers, maybe even a sink tip ortwo. Cabin fever is indeed curable - and it starts with no excuses.


Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to your all-around trout rig, and there’s no better option than the R8 CORE 590-4 paired with a SPECTRUM LT 5/6 and RIO Gold WF5F. Easy loading down into the cork gives supreme sensitivity while a quick tip allows for tight loops and accuracy at a wide variety of distances. Combined with a strong bottom end for fish fighting and on-water line control, this is the ultimate all-around trout fishing tool.


Multi-Application TROUT ESSENTIALS