2022 Argentina Travel Information

By Jake Crawford
October 13, 2021

Travel Requirements:

  • All travelers need a valid passport to enter Argentina.
  • Argentina no longer requires visitors to be vaccinated against COVID-19, although certain provinces may have different requirements for testing and/or vaccine requirements prior to entry.
  • Complete an affidavit (sworn statement) within 48 hours of arrival into Argentina. Travelers will be required to present email confirmation of completion before boarding flight.
  • Travelers are required to have COVID-19 medical insurance and provide evidence to the airline prior to before boarding your flight. The individual airlines will determine whether the passenger has met the requirements to enter the country.
  • All travelers will be required to complete a COVID-19 antigen test to meet the CDC’s requirements for re-entry to the United States prior to international departure.

U.S. Re-Entry COVID-19 Testing Options:

As of June 12th, 2022, The United States is no longer requiring a negative COVID-19 test result to re-enter the country.


Updated 2.3.2022


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