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New Compostable Spool

RIO Products October 23, 2023
We have adopted a new 100% compostable and recyclable spool—the most sustainable fly line spool ever made. Our new spools are made of 100% recycled newsprint from renewable resources that have been used at least once and will deliver the lowest environmental impact of any spool on the market. Once you’ve spooled your new RIO line, simply drop the new spool in the recycling bin or better yet, add it to your compost pile or garden.

 RIO New Compostable Spool

The new spools will keep approximately 20,000 pounds of plastic out of landfills every single year. Our plastic spools did their job well, but their presence doesn’t align with our vision of wild landscapes and clean waterways. We cannot work and play in the great outdoors without taking steps to reduce our footprint. Our new spool is the next major step in that direction.
RIO Packaging Compostable Spool
While packaging isn’t always glamorous work, it plays a significant role in reducing our impact on the earth. We've made progress towards a more sustainable solution was further validated by two awards—“Best Eco-Friendly Gear” at AFFTA’s 2023 Confluence event and by the Institute of Packaging Pros (IOPP) with a 2023 Ameristar Award in the sustainability category.

Institute of Packaging Pros Award Photo
RIO Award Winning AFFTA    RIO Compostable Spool Line Winder

The new
spool will still work with any current line winder as they’ve matched the geometry of current spools to ensure compatibility.

We’re committed to improvement in all areas of our products. We’re passionate anglers who feel obligated to make sure the outdoors we love will still look the same in the years to come, so that future generations can enjoy spotting a rising fish as much as we do.
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New Compostable Spool

Join RIO's Chris Walker as he goes into detail about the design of our new compostable spool.