Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a return?
To process a return for an item that was purchased on, please reach out to us by accessing our Contact Us form. We will initiate the return in our system and send you a return authorization number. Once we inform you of this RMA number, please write it on the outside of the package you are returning. Remember to include original packaging, tags, and paperwork in the return shipment.

When will I be charged?
For online orders, your card will be charged at the time of order submission. For repairs, your card will be charged after we have assessed the repair, contacted you with the assessment, and you have given permission to move forward with quoted repair. If damage to your product is deemed a warranty covered issue, you will not be charged.

What payment is accepted on
We accept the following payment cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover.

Can my rods/reels be used in saltwater
Any Sage and Redington rods with a fully anodized aluminum reel seat and fighting butt can be considered a saltwater rod. All Sage and Redington rods #7 and up come standard with fully anodized aluminum reel seats that combat corrosion. Many Sage and Redington #6 and #5 weight rods offer a fully anodized reel seat option that is safe for a number of saltwater applications as well. With this in mind, we always recommend cleaning and rinsing your gear down with fresh water after use in saltwater. Check with your dealer for details or reach out to one of our product technicians for more details.

How do we size our boots?
When picking wading boots, we recommend picking your street shoe size. Our boots are sized accordingly to accommodate neoprene and socks.  However, if you are a true half size, we recommend going to the next full-size up. 

How do we size our waders?
Please view our Wader Size Chart

Where do I find the serial number on my Sage rod?
Each Sage rod has a serial number located roughly opposite the Sage logo on the butt section of the rod. The individualized serial number will be written in black ink. If you are having trouble seeing the number, we recommend the use of natural light or a flashlight, especially with some darker blanks. Rotating the blank to change the angle of view can help aid in this process. Please note that the serial number will normally be one or two letters followed by five numbers depending on the date of manufacture. A few exceptions to this rule do exist. It is worth noting that Sage Blanks do not carry serial numbers. Therefore, custom-built rods put together from blanks do not have this distinguishing mark. Instead, blanks will carry a “B” in the logo to notate blank or custom-made. If you cannot find or cannot see the serial number, please enter N/A on registration and repair forms and we can assess it for you.

Why can’t I find my product registered on the site?
If you created an account on one of our older websites (, and/or since Spring 2020, your account information has been saved. To access your preexisting account, you will need to “Register” using the same email address to activate your account on our website. Any purchases or registered products that occurred more than two years ago on our older websites may not be listed. These products are still registered and valid with Far Bank. If you do not see certain products you have registered in the past, please re-register on our website for your records or to initiate a warranty/repair claim, and we will sync it to your account information already in our registration database.

How do I register a product?
To register a product on, please head to our Product Registration page then log in. Next, click on “Register Product” and fill in the information. Some of our products may not have a serial number, and therefore should be entered as “N/A”. If you are having difficulty finding your serial number, please see our FAQ for “Where do I find the serial number on my Sage rod?”

How do I start a repair?
To repair a product, please start by heading to our Product Repairs page, then log in. Next, fill out the information requested. If you have not registered your product on, please see our above FAQ for “How do I register a product?” For other Repair Questions please visit our Repair FAQ Page

What is the turnaround time of a repair?
We are happy to announce we have a new repair process on! We now will update you on the status of your repair as your product moves through our process. We will be in touch with you when we have received your repair, when we have completed our warranty claim assessment, and when your repair is complete and shipped back to you. Given supply chain challenges and increased backlog from extended COVID shutdowns, we are currently processing repairs in 10-12 weeks. We understand this timeline may seem long, but we are working hard to reduce this time as much as we can under current constraints and limitations.

How much does a repair cost?
Any repair due to manufacturers’ defect will be taken care of — free of charge. If the damage is not covered by warranty, such as damage from normal use, we’ll service your rod or reel with our expert repair technicians for a fee. You can view repair pricing here.

Can I place an order internationally?
Far Bank ships to all USA and Canada addresses including APO/FPO locations, but we do not ship to locations outside of the USA and Canada.

How do I track the status of my order?
Once you log onto our website, you will be able to track your order history. If you see that an order is still in processing, we are still fulfilling your order. If your order is shipped, but you do not have your order, feel free to reach out to us to get a tracking update.