Behind the Fly

Behind The Fly - RIO'S Kahuna Crab

RIO January 03, 2022

Have you been calling for a crab pattern that lands softly, swims from top to bottom like the real deal, and fishes on nearly any flat? Thanks to Product Developer Patrick Kilby, RIO's Kahuna Crab is the answer.

A Bohemian flat, Louisiana low tide, or North Eastern cold water—this crab is permit, redfish, and striper approved—it's also been known to rope in the big kahunas of the sea.

So just how does a crab pattern land delicately, scuttle from top to bottom, and crush most flats? "The perfect combination of materials," Patrick tells us. "It starts with extra buoyant material that helps keep the fly upright as it angles down, swimming to the bottom. Rubber legs are added to offer irresistible movement for stripers and redfish with an option to cut them back or off entirely for days when the permit are feeling extra selective."

Convinced this is the crab pattern you need yet? Now just to decide which color to tie on first which can be like choosing salt or no salt back at the bungalow. So take it from Patrick. "I tend to use the tan version more often as I am fishing over sandy or muddy bottoms. If I find myself in a more grassy area, then I'll switch out for olive." Matching the color of the fly to the sub-water environment is the key to success.

Prepare to get tight, strip set, and watch the line fly off the deck and pick up the Kahuna for your next trip.