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Single Handed Spey Line Love

Mark Raisler July 03, 2019

My unabashed love for this line gets stronger everyday!

I first fell in love with the RIO Single Handed Spey Line 3D using it as an overhead casting line. Boy does that thing really get out there. An amazing amount of energy lives inside of this fly line.

Let me back up. This 3D line, yes 3 density, has a ton going for it. Float/Hover/Intermediate are the 3 densities I am speaking about. The majority of the fly line is floating. Crazy! 10’ of intermediate @ 2 inches/second sink rate, followed by 10’ of hover @ 1”/second/sink rate, with the remaining 80’ floating line.

I spun up a Single Handed Spey WF5F/H/I attaching it it to a Sage Foundation 590. Dropped it in the rod tray of my drifter and there it sat. Until…I needed a skinny water line last fall. I wanted to toss a wet fly against the bank and rip it in. As I pulled it from the boat I began to get excited. Could this line be the one I was looking for?

It was. It is. It will be for the remainder of the fall into the winter months here in central Montana. We fish all 12 months. The fish like to lay up in the thinnest of waters when two things happen. Overcast skies coupled with no angling pressure. The perfect equation equaling success!

Intouch Single Handed Spey

"The Perfect Fly Line"

I cast and stripped that Carey Special through the shallows with ease. Unreal easiness! The overhead cast with this line made me feel giddy with joy! A couple false casts, and launch. As you get to know the line becoming comfortable with this new casting tool the power, energy, along with the responsive quickness will make you look forward to every cast.

The RIO InTouch Single Hand Spey Line is my dream come true. Eliminating the hinge in the line with the 3 densities allows constant contact and feel of the fly. Yep. Straight lines keeps you InTouch with the bait! Feeling every move, nudge, and take leads directly to catching more fish.

The sensitivity projected through this line is paramount to the magic created.

“A soft hackle killer” is how I described to a friend when he was asking about the line. I had fished a couple softies hung from a tippet ring during the BWO hatch. Remarkable action initiated by the design of a fly line. Technology plus line design produced this 3D fantasy. Then I ripped out a few spey casts while wading along the bank. Snap-T with ease. Single Spey. Snake Roll. Pure Joy. Lightly weighted flies spring from the water easily as you explore the possibilities of the spey cast with a 9’ 5 weight in hand. Again, what fun.

The diverse cast-ability brings this Single Handed Spey line to the next level. Soft hackles, wet flies, leeches, buggers, and your favorite streamer patterns take new life when fished on this line.

So what are you waiting for? Go get one! I strongly suggest it. Go find that magic you’ve been missing in your personal fishing. Go get yourself the RIO InTouch Single Handed Spey 3D line at your local fly shop.