All Around Euro Rigs

Built by competitors for the highest level of euro nymphing possible. If you’ve ever met someone at their top tournament level, you’ll know that every piece of gear in their rig matters, down to the size and shape of a tippet ring! Fish like the pros do with a competition proven rig.

Go-To Euro Nymphing

If catching fish in high volume is your game, this system is built for you. Incorporating competition spec euro nymph gear, this rig will have you reading water like NEO reading the Matrix code. Designed to meet the strict needs of a tournament angler while maximizing efficiency, versatility, and performance in a technique-driven form of fly fishing. Simply put—you'll catch more fish.

FIPS Euro Nymph

Our FIPS line was designed to meet the needs of the competitive euro nymph angler. This line is tournament legal, built for maximum sensitivity, is super light to eliminate sag, and includes a hi-vis tip for increased detection.

Euro Nymph Leader & Two-Tone/Fluoroflex Strong Tippet

Advances in nymphing techniques drive our Euro Nymph Leader. 9' of white tapered nylon is attached to a two-tone Indicator Tippet for max visibility. Finished with a tippet ring, add Fluoroflex Strong—our strongest, fastest sinking—tippet and start catching.


As bugs go, most euro nymph anglers would agree that suggestive beats the imitative 99% of the time. The most important thing is to have a variety of styles and weights. Grab a few flies with varying movement, sink rate, and get ready to give your net a workout.

All Around Euro Nymphing Rig

Euro Nymphing Flies