Dry Dropper Rigs

Trout are opportunistic feeders that rarely feed from solely the surface or soley from the depths of the water column. Combing a dry fly with a dropper fly is an excellent method for increasing your odds of inticing an opportunistic trout who is eager to smash a surface fly or sip a passing emerging.

Cover More Water With A Dry-Dropper

Double down on options with a dry-dropper rig. Whether fish are feeding on the surface or snacking on emergers sub-surface, this is the ace of presentations when targeting trout through the core season. With added flies come tricks to keep your rig from ending up in a tangle. Cast confidently with RIO's dry-dropper rig.

Elite RIO Grand

The added weight of a dry dropper rig requires a stout line to ensure the full rig turns over at the appropriate moment. The Elite RIO Grand is a full line size heavier than the industry standard and features more weight distributed towards the front of the line to load heavier rigs easily. This line is built with RIO's low-stretch ConnectCore Plus with our proprietary SlickCast coating, resulting in smooth, durable fly lines.

Powerflex Plus Leader & Fluoroflex Strong Tippet

The Powerflex Plus leader combined with FluoroFlex Strong tippet is the ultimate combination for a dry dropper rig. The taper of the Powerflex Plus leader can easily turn over a heavy rig. The Fluorflex Strong is critical in reducing visibility of the tippet connecting the dropper to the dry fly. It is a 100% fluorocarbon tippet with exceptionally high tensile strength.


Versatile flies are truly worth their weight in gold, especially during core trout season when you must match the hatch, top-water activity, and subsurface activity. RIO's dialed dry-dropper fly selection ensures you have the best flies for any waterway.

Dry Dropper Rig

Dry Dropper Flies