Pond Rigs

Been eyeing up that local pond? Check out our pond-specific rigs designed to simplify casting and catching for new and seasoned anglers

Pond Adventures

Don't turn up your nose. Look under it. Ponds are everywhere and were the original stomping grounds of many lifelong anglers. Get back to your roots or introduce someone new to the thrill of eager eats and putting a bend in the rod. Find a pond near you, and watch 'em eat!

Premier Dog Days Gold

Break out RIO's Dog Days Gold line at your favorite farm pond when that summer sun is on the beat down. Its hard coating and medium stiff mono core won't wilt in the heat like a standard line, so you can keep the warmwater hookups coming even when the air temps peak.

Powerflex Leader & Tippet

RIO's Powerflex leaders feature a powerful butt section that provides unsurpassed turnover for effective wind penetration and to cast streamers and indicator rigs easily. Combined with our Powerflex Tippet, anglers have a nylon terminal rig known for its superior knot strength and versatility.


When fly fishing a small pond, the type of fly you choose can significantly impact your success. Smaller flies tend to work better in small ponds as they more closely resemble the insects found there. Remember to mimic the natural insects you find, turn-over rocks, and when in doubt try multiple options.

Pond Rig

Pond Flies