Smallmouth Rigs

Whether this is your first smallie in the bag or your fiftieth, every angler should try bass on the fly! We rigged up the ideal combination of line, leader, and fly to take on these explosive eaters all summer long.

Bronzebacks Beware

Get ready to rumble! Smallmouth Bass are renowned for their incredible fighting prowess in fresh water, easily ranking among the toughest fighters pound for pound. Their aggressive eating habits and accessibility make them a prime target for anglers. With a fly rod, these fish are ready to bully up your fly.

Elite Smallmouth

The Elite Smallmouth line was designed to be the ultimate option when targeting bronze backs from the river, pond, or lake. The weight distribution and powerful front taper easily cast typical Clouser and bass bugs, while a unique handling section at the back of the head allows anglers to mend and control the fly effectively. The line is built with a temperate warm water coating.

Bass Leader & Tippet

Bass are predators built to eat a variety of prey. To match their ferocity, you need the right leader and tipper to ensure you don't lose the lunker of a lifetime. Our bass tippet and leaders were designed to meet the rigors of battling smallmouth and largemouth. They're made from medium stiff nylon to help turn over large flies and have a high abrasion resistance.


These underwater bullies will pick on nearly anything—from baitfish and buggers to poppers and even nymphs! There are infinite ways smallmouth bass like to eat, whether it's an explosive surface eat or rippin' fly line from your hands on a streamer grab. Cover all the depths needed for a good fight with a pile of flies, and hang on tight.

Smallmouth Rig

Smallmouth Flies