Born and raised outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Catherine grew up fishing and camping with her family. Her father influenced her love of fly fishing and had a fly rod in her hand by the age of 12. Soon after she was old enough to drive, she devoted all of her spare time to the local rivers chasing steelhead, salmon, and cutthroat trout. Her passion for fishing continued out of high school as she worked part time at a local fly shop and soon after for Fly Gal Ventures with April Vokey. She now works full time at Michael & Young Fly Shop, where she has been helping customers get geared up for the last decade. Catherine loves meeting new people through the shop and being surrounded by tying materials inspires her to invent new fly creations. In addition to having fished all over British Columbia for steelhead, salmon, and trout, Catherine has also cast lines in Quebec, New Brunswick, and Australia. Her passion caters to her love of adventure and exploration, all in the pursuit of fish. Catherine is one of the Co-Founders of The BC Women’s Fly-Fishing Group. With more and more ladies coming through the doors at the shop, she thought it was time that BC had a platform to encourage this growth. Her mission is to introduce more women to the sport through education, hosted trips, friendships, and by creating positive spaces for women to grow as anglers. Catherine aspires to continue to grow as an angler herself, always looking forward to the next adventure.