I came into fly fishing with the sole intent of finally catching a Canadian Pike! Kinda a weird, and long story, but from the very beginning I have always been after Esox on the Fly and have taken to streamer fishing as a way of life chasing literally anything that will eat some meat! I gravitated to fly tying as soon as I had a fly rod in my hand a realized I could create my own lures. The accessibility of fly tying (compared to pouring plastics, or jig molds, or carving wood plugs ect…) immediately fascinated me. Since the beginning of my fly-fishing journey (age 15) I can count the number of fish on one hand that I have caught with a commercially available fly (okay, maybe two hands, but that is no longer stretching the truth). I have ALWAYS wanted to be apart of the creative process, weather that is hyper-creativeness or extreme stubbornness can be determined later, but I have been obsessed with fishing MY flies, and I am simply not willing to budge in that regard I love chasing bad-ass fish, weather that is a brutal eat from a big Peacock Bass, or a top water blow up from a Smallmouth, or a crazy boat side eat on the Figure 8 from Monster Sized Musky – Streamer Tying and Fishing allows me to do it all and do it not only in my back yard but also all over the world without compromise.