I grew up on the Lower Yuba River in Northern California, as an only child living on 20 acres. Recreational activities were not a plenty and “friends” were a ride from mom or dad away. I developed a penchant for solitary activities pretty early on: fly fishing and playing guitar. As a teen, I worked at the local fly shop in Nevada City, CA, and figured my chances of earning a living in fly fishing were better then in a obscure indie rock band. I have been a part of the fly fishing industry ever since, but still waiting for a call from Jason Isbell to open for him or if Pavement gets back together and needs a guitarist. I have devoted my life to the sport, guiding for trout, steelhead, bass, carp and anything that swims in a river, lake, pond, ditch or body of water I could access within the gray area of California's trespass law. I have worked in all aspects of the industry—behind fly shop counters and in lodges, ran an outfitting business and a non-profit, worked in marketing, and even a brief stint as a corporate rep. Through it all, I have remained in the trenches as a guide because in the end I like being on the water.