For 20 years, Joe has been thoroughly entranced by the art of both angling and tying flies. The tranquil watersheds of southern Maine are his easel and – a fly rod – his paintbrush. Joe is a bit of an anomaly regarding fly fishing tradition – fishing a 9ft 9wt rod before he owned a 9ft 5wt. He grew up targeting striped bass on the New England coast rather than trout on a freestone. Lucky for us, he cut his teeth targeting the mighty striped bass. This pursuit would instill in him a relentless drive to understand other predatory species becoming incredibly well-versed in landlocked salmon, northern pike, and smallmouth bass. His meticulously crafted flies are a stunning display of his passion for art and design. Each fly is a testament to his dedication to excellence, with careful consideration given to each design’s proportions, profile, and durability. If you’ve got an ear to
give, Joe will talk it off – willingly and enthusiastically sharing his local
knowledge and expertise with anyone wanting to know. Decades of on-the-water experience make him a highly valued team member at All Points Fly Shop + Outfitters in South Portland, Maine, and a clear-cut choice as a signature tier with us at RIO.