With a decade of pure fly tying and fishing dedication under his wading belt – we couldn’t wait to bring on Richard Magill as a signature tier. Richard got his start angling back when he was still an active member of the United States Coast Guard – stationed on the St. Lawrence River – a dream setup for any angler – boasting some of the best warm and cold water fly fishing around. He tells us that his first fly rod was even one of Redington’s classic kits – a tool that would become the catalyst for his passion for all aspects of angling. It wasn’t long before he discovered he could weave feathers and threads together to allow his creativity to flow as freely as the rivers he loves to fish. When not behind the vise he examines varying ecosystems – meticulously observing how different prey species act in an undisturbed environment. Armed with his on-the-water knowledge, he lets his artistic talents run wild, resulting in patterns that emulate varying prey. When he’s not working – you can find him on his home waters of the Missouri River – as he says, “Large brown and rainbow trout that chase down streamers with reckless abandon are good for the soul”. We couldn’t agree more, Richard.