RIO's Avid series of fly lines were developed for the keen fly fisher with tapers and technology that enhance the fly fishing experience. Floating lines in the Avid series come in RIO's two most popular and proven tapers, the Gold and the Grand. The Avid Gold is ideal for the angler who prefers smaller flies and more delicate presentations while the Avid Grand is better suited to anyone fishing larger flies where powerful turnover is more important. Both lines are built with RIO's SlickCast technology for unmatched slickness and durability.

Avid Trout—Grand - All Models

Line SizeDensityLine ColorSink RateHead LengthTotal LengthSKU
5wtFloatPale GreenFloat37ft (11.3m)80ft (24.4m)6-19699
6wtFloatPale GreenFloat39ft (11.8m)80ft (24.4m)6-19700
7wtFloatPale GreenFloat40ft (12.1m)80ft (24.4m)6-19701
8wtFloatPale GreenFloat41ft (12.5m)80ft (24.4m)6-19702
4 models available