The Perfect Line For Roll And Single Handed Spey Casts With Low-Stretch, Ultra-Slick Performance

The Single Handed Spey line has been designed to be a fantastic tool for anglers that prefer/need to perform roll and single-handed Spey casts. The rear weight distribution loads a rod deeply in the tightest of quarters, allowing anglers to make long, effortless casts with obstacles close behind. Though primarily designed for roll casting, this line also performs exceptionally easy overhead casts with incredibly smooth loop control. Each line is built on RIO's low stretch ConnectCore Plus for maximum performance, and features SlickCast— the slickest, most durable coating on the market.

There are 2 different density lines to cover every fishing situation:

- A Full Floating line (F), for top water action

- A Floating Line with 10ft of Hover sinking line, then 10ft of Intermediate sinking line at the front (F/H/I), for fishing in the top 2-4 ft

Elite Single-Handed Spey Line - All Models

Line SizeDensityLine ColorSink Rate30ft Head WeightTotal Head WeightHead LengthTotal LengthSKU
3wtFloatPeach/CamoFloat137gr (8.9gm)150gr (9.7gm)33ft (10.1m)80ft (24.4m)6-19535
3wtFloat/Hover/IntermediateGray/Glacial/Peach/CamoFloat/1ips/2ips137gr (8.9gm)150gr (9.7gm)33ft (10.1m)80ft (24.4m)6-19541
4wtFloatPeach/CamoFloat161gr (10.4gm)175gr (11.3gm)33ft (10.1m)90ft (27.4m)6-19536
4wtFloat/Hover/IntermediateGray/Glacial/Peach/CamoFloat/1ips/2ips161gr (10.4gm)175gr (11.3gm)33ft (10.1m)90ft (27.4m)6-19542
5wtFloatPeach/CamoFloat185gr (12gm)200gr (13gm)33ft (10.1m)90ft (27.4m)6-19537
5wtFloat/Hover/IntermediateGray/Glacial/Peach/CamoFloat/1ips/2ips185gr (12gm)200gr (13gm)33ft (10.1m)90ft (27.4m)6-19543
6wtFloatPeach/CamoFloat213gr (13.8gm)230gr (14.9gm)33ft (10.1m)90ft (27.4m)6-19538
6wtFloat/Hover/IntermediateGray/Glacial/Peach/CamoFloat/1ips/2ips213gr (13.8gm)230gr (14.9gm)33ft (10.1m)90ft (27.4m)6-19544
7wtFloatPeach/CamoFloat241gr (15.6gm)260gr (16.8gm)33ft (10.1m)90ft (27.4m)6-19539
7wtFloat/Hover/IntermediateGray/Glacial/Peach/CamoFloat/1ips/2ips241gr (15.6gm)260gr (16.8gm)33ft (10.1m)90ft (27.4m)6-19545
8wtFloatPeach/CamoFloat279gr (18.1gm)300gr (19.4gm)33ft (10.1m)90ft (27.4m)6-19540
8wtFloat/Hover/IntermediateGray/Glacial/Peach/CamoFloat/1ips/2ips279gr (18.1gm)300gr (19.4gm)33ft (10.1m)90ft (27.4m)6-19546
12 models available