RIO's Elite Skagit Pickpocket heads are the perfect delivery system for casting heavy sink tips and efficiently getting down in the water column when fishing the bottom is of utmost importance. The heads feature RIO's Multi Density Control - a seamless blend of three different densities that removes the hinge point from head to sink tip, ensures the smoothest transition of energy when casting, and provides the very best depth control when fishing variable currents of pools, runs, and pocket water. With the ability to swing under conflicting surface currents and slow your fly down in colder water conditions, maximum control is best achieved with these sinking heads vs a floating head configuration. In addition, mending control is heightened when using sinking heads, as you can adjust the rear floating section without moving the sinking portions of the line closer to the fly.

Now featuring a S3/S5/S7 “Dredger” configuration in the most popular winter fishing grain weights of 525gr and 600gr, for the ultimate performance in getting the fly to the bottom quickly and keeping it there throughout the entire swing.

Elite Skagit Pickpocket - All Models

Line SizeDensityLine ColorSink RateTotal Head WeightHead LengthTotal LengthSKU
475gr (30.8g)F/I/S3Black/Gray/Salmon/BlueF/I/S3475gr (30.8g)20ft (6.1m)20ft (6.1m)6-19830
500gr (32.4g)F/I/S3Black/Gray/Salmon/BlueF/I/S3500gr (32.4g)20ft (6.1m)20ft (6.1m)6-19831
525gr (34.0g)F/I/S3Black/Gray/Salmon/BlueF/I/S3525gr (34.0g)20ft (6.1m)20ft (6.1m)6-19832
525gr (34.0g)S3/S5/S7Black/BlueS3/S5/S7525gr (34.0g)20ft (6.1m)20ft (6.1m)6-19836
550gr (35.6g)F/I/S3Black/Gray/Salmon/BlueF/I/S3550gr (35.6g)20ft (6.1m)20ft (6.1m)6-19833
575gr (37.3g)F/I/S3Black/Gray/Salmon/BlueF/I/S3575gr (37.3g)20ft (6.1m)20ft (6.1m)6-19834
600gr (38.9g)F/I/S3Black/Gray/Salmon/BlueF/I/S3600gr (38.9g)20ft (6.1m)20ft (6.1m)6-19835
600gr (38.9g)S3/S5/S7Black/BlueS3/S5/S7600gr (38.9g)20ft (6.1m)20ft (6.1m)6-19837
8 models available