The Elite Trout Spey Shooting Head has a very easy casting, short head for anglers using light two-handed trout Spey rods, and regular single-handed fly rods (just check the grain weight to match).

Each head is built on RIO's ultra-low stretch ConnectCore Plus for maximum sensitivity. Anglers can attach regular leaders, 10ft replacement tips, or Trout VersiLeaders to the front, making these heads perfect for soft hackles and/or small streamers.

A shooting line is required to make this head fishable.

Elite Trout Spey Shooting Head - All Models

Line SizeDensitySink Rate30ft Head WtHead LengthTotal Head WeightSKU
1wtFloatFloat23ft (7m)190gr (12.3gm)6-19744
2wtFloatFloat23ft (7m)230gr (14.9gm)6-19745
3wtFloatFloat23ft (7m)265gr (17.2gm)6-19746
4wtFloatFloat23ft (7m)305gr (19.8gm)6-19747
5wtFloatFloat23ft (7m)350gr (22.7gm)6-19748
5 models available