RIO's Hard Mono Saltwater tippet is a very stiff, super abrasion-resistant nylon tippet material. Ideal for casting the largest flies and in tough winds to get the very best turnover. It is available in regular sized spools and guide spools":

8lb (0.010") to 30lb (0.027") - 30 yards per spool
12lb (0.015") to 20lb (0.021") - 110 yards per spool

An ultra-hard, tough nylon tippet. Ideal for large flies and tough winds.

Hard Mono Saltwater Tippet - All Models

Line SizePackTestDiameterSKU
10lbSingle10lb (5kg).012in (.305mm)6-22422
12lbSingle12lb (6kg).015in (.381mm)6-22423
12lbGuide Spool12lb (6kg).015in (.381mm)6-22428
16lbSingle16lb (8kg).018in (.457mm)6-22424
16lbGuide Spool16lb (8kg).018in (.457mm)6-22429
20lbSingle20lb (10kg).021in (.533mm)6-22425
20lbGuide Spool20lb (10kg).021in (.533mm)6-22430
25lbSingle25lb (12kg).024in (.610mm)6-22426
30lbSingle30lb (15kg).027in (.685mm)6-22427
8lbSingle8lb (4kg).010in (.254mm)6-22421