RIO's Mainstream series of fly lines have been developed to meet the overall needs of the average and novice fly fisher, and are designed to optimize rod performance with slightly heavier and shorter head lengths. Targeted to the overall needs of the average fly fisher.

Mainstream Trout Sink - All Models

Line SizeDensityLine ColorSink Rate30ft Head WeightHead LengthTotal LengthSKUTotal Head Weight
4wtMedium SinkBrown3-4 ips133gr (8.6gm)38ft (11.6m)80ft (24.4m)6-20370
4wtFast SinkBlack6-7 ips120gr (7.8gm)38ft (11.6m)80ft (24.4m)6-20734
4wtFloat/Slow SinkBrown/Lemon GreenFloat/3 ips133gr (8.6gm)36ft (11m)80ft (24.4m)6-20829
4wtIntermediateClear1.5-2 ips133gr (8.6gm)37ft (11.2m)80ft (24.4m)6-21213164gr (10.6gm)
5wtMedium SinkBrown3-4 ips155gr (10gm)38ft (11.6m)80ft (24.4m)6-20371
5wtFast SinkBlack6-7 ips140gr (9.1gm)38ft (11.6m)80ft (24.4m)6-20735
5wtFloat/Slow SinkBrown/Lemon GreenFloat/3 ips155gr (10gm)36ft (11m)80ft (24.4m)6-20830
5wtIntermediateClear1.5-2 ips155gr (10gm)38ft (11.5m)80ft (24.4m)6-21214185gr (12gm)
6wtMedium SinkBrown3-4 ips178gr (11.5gm)40ft (12.2m)80ft (24.4m)6-20372
6wtFast SinkBlack6-7 ips160gr (10.4gm)40ft (12.2m)80ft (24.4m)6-20736
6wtFloat/Slow SinkBrown/Lemon GreenFloat/3 ips178gr (11.5gm)36ft (11m)80ft (24.4m)6-20831
6wtIntermediateClear1.5-2 ips228gr (14.8gm)39ft (11.8m)80ft (24.4m)6-21215178gr (11.5gm)
7wtMedium SinkBrown3-4 ips204gr (13.2gm)42ft (12.8m)80ft (24.4m)6-20373
7wtFast SinkBlack6-7 ips185gr (12gm)42ft (12.8m)80ft (24.4m)6-20737
7wtFloat/Slow SinkBrown/Lemon GreenFloat/3 ips204gr (13.2gm)36ft (11m)80ft (24.4m)6-20832
7wtIntermediateClear1.5-2 ips204gr (13.2gm)40ft (12.1m)80ft (24.4m)6-21216280gr (18.1gm)
8wtMedium SinkBrown3-4 ips231gr (15gm)42ft (12.8m)80ft (24.4m)6-20374
8wtFast SinkBlack6-7 ips210gr (13.6gm)42ft (12.8m)80ft (24.4m)6-20738
8wtFloat/Slow SinkBrown/Lemon GreenFloat/3 ips231gr (15gm)36ft (11m)80ft (24.4m)6-20833
8wtIntermediateClear1.5-2 ips225gr (14.6gm)41ft (12.5m)80ft (24.4m)6-21217315gr (20.4gm)
20 models available