Designed For The Redfish Angler Targeting Fish In Warmer Climates With Typical Redfish Patterns

RIO's Premier Redfish lines are designed for anglers targeting redfish and speckled trout on the flats and are built with two distinct tapers. The first is the Redfish which features a mid-length front taper allowing for more careful, delicate presentations of typical crab and shrimp patterns to wary reds. The second taper is the Redfish XP which is designed specifically with extra power in mind for the larger fish and flies typical of gulf redfishing. The line features a short front taper, turning over large mullet and baitfish patterns, while the short, easy casting head effectively loads the rod at close range. All lines in the series are built with medium-stiff cores and hard coatings that perform well throughout the range of temperatures encountered while targeting redfish.

Premier Redfish - All Models

Line SizeDensityLine ColorSink Rate30ft Head WeightTotal Head WeightHead LengthTotal LengthSKU
WF7FAqua Blue/SandAqua Blue/SandFloat210gr (13.6gm)240gr (15.6gm)36ft (11m)90ft (27.4m)6-19625
WF8FAqua Blue/SandAqua Blue/SandFloat240gr (15.6gm)275gr (17.8gm)37ft (11.3m)100ft (30.5m)6-19626
WF9FAqua Blue/SandAqua Blue/SandFloat280gr (18.1gm)330gr (21.4gm)37ft (11.3m)100ft (30.5m)6-19627
3 models available