The RIO Grand is the best choice of line for the modern, fast action fly rod.

The RIO Grand is a full line size heavier than the industry standard, and features more weight distributed towards the front of the line to easily load faster action fly rods. Built with a short head that is easy to cast, this line is also an excellent choice for novice casters who need a little more feel when casting.

We have enhanced the performance of this great trout line by building it with SlickCast - RIO's proprietary coating technology. SlickCast creates the slickest, most durable fly lines on the market. Lab tests show that lines built with SlickCast have the least amount of friction ever measured in a fly line. In addition, the line features MaxFloat Tip Technology, RIO's proprietary tip coating formula that floats more than twice as high as regular line tips, without any increase in diameter.

RIO Grand - All Models

Line SizeDensityLine ColorSink Rate30ft Head WeightTotal Head WeightHead LengthTotal LengthSKU
3wtFloatPale Green/Lt. YellowFloat120gr (7.8gm)141gr (9.1gm)36ft (10.9m)80ft (24.4m)6-19248
4wtFloatPale Green/Lt. YellowFloat140gr (9.1gm)165gr (10.7gm)37ft (11.3m)90ft (27.4m)6-19249
4wtFloatCamo/TanFloat140gr (9.1gm)165gr (10.7gm)37ft (11.3m)90ft (27.4m)6-19255
5wtFloatPale Green/Lt. YellowFloat160gr (10.4gm)195gr (12.6gm)37ft (11.3m)90ft (27.4m)6-19250
5wtFloatCamo/TanFloat160gr (10.4gm)195gr (12.6gm)37ft (11.3m)90ft (27.4m)6-19256
6wtFloatPale Green/Lt. YellowFloat185gr (12gm)230gr (14.9gm)39ft (11.8m)90ft (27.4m)6-19251
6wtFloatCamo/TanFloat185gr (12gm)230gr (14.9gm)39ft (11.8m)90ft (27.4m)6-19257
7wtFloatPale Green/Lt. YellowFloat210gr (13.6gm)280gr (18.1gm)40ft (12.1m)90ft (27.4m)6-19252
7wtFloatCamo/TanFloat210gr (13.6gm)280gr (18.1gm)40ft (12.1m)90ft (27.4m)6-19258
8wtFloatPale Green/Lt. YellowFloat240gr (15.6gm)310gr (20.1gm)41ft (12.5m)90ft (27.4m)6-19253
8wtFloatCamo/TanFloat240gr (15.6gm)310gr (20.1gm)41ft (12.5m)90ft (27.4m)6-19259
9wtFloatPale Green/Lt. YellowFloat280gr (18.1gm)370gr (24gm)42ft (12.8m)90ft (27.4m)6-19254
12 models available