A series of fly lines with short, 10 ft sinking tips, specifically built for fly fishers that like to fish streamers out of a boat. A short, heavy head loads rods at close range, allowing anglers to make fast, one-shot casts. An aggressive, powerful front taper casts large conehead muddlers and bunny leech rigs with ease, while a welded loop on the front end allows anglers to change rigs quickly. Each line is built with SlickCastâ€"the slickest, most durable coating on the market.

There are 2 different density lines to cover every fishing situation:

  • A Floating line with a 10ft clear Intermediate tip(F/I), for hitting the banks
  • A Floating Line with a 10ft fast Sinking tip (F/S6), for fishing in deeper water

The ultimate range of sink tip lines for throwing streamers, with ultra-slick performance

StreamerTip Fly Line - All Models

Line SizeDensityLine ColorSink RateTotal Head WeightHead LengthTotal LengthSKU
5wtFloat/IntermediateClear/Yellow/Pale GreenFloat/2ips185gr (12gm)30ft (9.1m)100ft (30.5m)6-19469
5wtFloat/Fast SinkBlack/Yellow/Pale GreenFloat/6ips185gr (12gm)30ft (9.1m)100ft (30.5m)6-19473
6wtFloat/IntermediateClear/Yellow/Pale GreenFloat/2ips210gr (13.6gm)30ft (9.1m)100ft (30.5m)6-19470
6wtFloat/Fast SinkBlack/Yellow/Pale GreenFloat/6ips210gr (13.6gm)30ft (9.1m)100ft (30.5m)6-19474
7wtFloat/IntermediateClear/Yellow/Pale GreenFloat/2ips240gr (15.6gm)30ft (9.1m)100ft (30.5m)6-19471
7wtFloat/Fast SinkBlack/Yellow/Pale GreenFloat/6ips240gr (15.6gm)30ft (9.1m)100ft (30.5m)6-19475
8wtFloat/IntermediateClear/Yellow/Pale GreenFloat/2ips280gr (18.1gm)30ft (9.1m)100ft (30.5m)6-19472
8wtFloat/Fast SinkBlack/Yellow/Pale GreenFloat/6ips280gr (18.1gm)30ft (9.1m)100ft (30.5m)6-19476
8 models available