Opaque two tone 8" sections of fluorescent pink and fluorescent chartreuse, or black and white color changing tippet with highly defined hard color changes. These color breaks create maximum contrast to allow anglers to get visual cues when tight line nymphing. The best indicator material for building sighters for European Style Nymphing. Both colors are available in regular 30 yard spools, or in bulk guide spools of 100 yards, which saves packaging waste, and money for anglers who use a lot.A hi-vis, two colored nylon tippet, with color changes every 8" - ideal for nymphing and indicators

Two Tone Indicator Tippet - All Models

Line SizePackTestDiameterSKU
1XSingle11lb (5kg).01in (.254mm)6-22081
1XSingle11lb (5kg).010in (.254mm)6-22096
2XSingle8.5lb (3.9kg).009in (.229mm)6-22080
2XSingle8.5lb (3.9kg).009in (.229mm)6-22095
2XGuide Spool8.5lb (3.9kg).009in (.229mm)6-22470
2XGuide Spool8.5lb (3.9kg).009in (.229mm)6-22473
3XSingle7lb (3.2kg).008in (.203mm)6-22079
3XSingle7lb (3.2kg).008in (.203mm)6-22094
3XGuide Spool7lb (3.2kg).008in (.203mm)6-22469
3XGuide Spool7lb (3.2kg).008in (.203mm)6-22472
4XSingle6lb (2.7kg).007in (.178mm)6-22078
4XSingle6lb (2.7kg).007in (.178mm)6-22093
4XGuide Spool6lb (2.7kg).007in (.178mm)6-22468
4XGuide Spool6lb (2.7kg).007in (.178mm)6-22471
5XSingle4.2lb (1.9kg).006in (.152mm)6-22092
5XSingle4.2lb (1.9kg).006in (.152mm)6-22098
6XSingle3lb (1.4kg).005in (.127mm)6-22091
6XSingle3lb (1.4kg).005in (.127mm)6-22097