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Glacial Gold Review With Paula Shearer

By: Paula Shearer March 22, 2023

Paula Shearer is a guide and RIO ambassador based out of Alberta, Canada. Though she spends most of her time on the Bow River, and in Southern Alberta streams. She is an excellent saltwater anger, skilled Spey angler, Internationally Certified Casting Instructor, and all around fly fishing fanatic. Paula enjoys sharing her love of fly fishing by mentoring and teaching those new to the sport. Follow her on Instagram @paulashearer, or watch one of her many features on YouTube. - RIO

Winter anglers are different from many other types of anglers. They are what most would call a little crazy, a little too obsessed, and possibly not from this planet. These are the kind of anglers that put up with ice cold fingers in an attempt to feed their addiction of fighting a fish, or two. Winter elements are not only rough on the angler, but also on our gear, as well. The cold air and water temperature are extremely tough on lines. They become rigid making it harder to get smooth casts and good mends. For hardcore winter anglers gear becomes a specific tool, and we change our tools to match the scenario. The RIO Glacial Gold is ideal for chilly winter fishing applications. The PolarFlex coating allows for the line to stay supple during even the most frigid temperatures—eliminating coil-y memory that occurs in winter scenarios.

How did the line perform overall? 

This line performed really well, even in below freezing temperatures. As it gets colder, ice builds up on the guides, and the supple coating of the line allows it move more easily through the guides, while not holding memory of typical fly lines.

What advantages does Glacial Gold give you in your region?

The winter up in Calgary, Canada can be exceptionally cold, which can limit your days outdoors. On those “warmer,” days you can still get out on the water, but that means snow, and ice build up on your guides.  A line that stays supple even after laying on the snow makes a massive difference in time spent on the water actually fishing!

What scenarios would you choose the Glacial Gold over others?

When late fall and winter roll around with temperatures close to freezing, that is when I spool this line. It is a line designated to perform its best during these seasonal times.

How did the line perform in colder temperatures vs other lines?

The Glacier line performed significantly better than other lines, as it maintains its low memory—making it more manageable in colder weather versus traditional lines that became stiff, making it hard to command.