Snow on the banks? Ice in your guides? Can’t feel your hands? Typical trout line coatings perform best between 40 and 70 degrees. Below that range, they get harder, stiffer, and more brittle. Memory becomes an issue and, even worse, ordinary fly line coatings are more likely to crack with use. The Glacial Gold is made with a proprietary PolarFlex coating that stays soft, easy to handle, and performing efficiently, even on the coldest days. With the perfect all around application RIO Gold taper, the Glacial Gold will keep anglers on the water and fishing effectively. Taking on those icy cold weather trout days just got a little easier.

Premier Glacial Gold - All Models

Line SizeDensitySink Rate30ft Head WtHead LengthTotal Head WeightSKU
4wtFloatFloat126gr (8.2gm)46ft (14m)175gr (11.3gm)6-19760
5wtFloatFloat146gr (9.5gm)47ft (14.3m)208gr (13.5gm)6-19761
6wtFloatFloat168gr (10.9gm)48ft (14.6m)234gr (15.2gm)6-19762
7wtFloatFloat193gr (12.5gm)49ft (14.9m)270gr (17.5gm)6-19763
8wtFloatFloat218gr (14.1gm)50ft (15.2m)310gr (20.1gm)6-19764
5 models available