Advanced Euro Rigs

If there’s one thing to know about euro nymphers, it's that they're drift nerds. Having the right tech will help you achieve your dead-drift goals—upping your catch rate, while maximizing your time on the water.

Tap Into Tech

It's the middle of summer, and every angler within 100 miles has flogged your local tailwater or spring creek. Fish are wary of all standard fly patterns, and even European nymphing is less effective. It's time to go lighter and smaller when conditions get this tough. The perfect drift is a necessity. The water is at its most technical, and you should be, too.

Technical Euro Nymph

This line was built for the modern euro angler. A pink monofilament core extends from within the line, creating a knotless integrated leader butt. meaning no knots caught in the guides. Its ultra-thin diameter maximizes sensitivity for lightning-fast hook sets. The leader extends from the core to .013" in pink to be easily seen or adjusted.

Fluoroflex Strong & Two-Tone Tippet

With the integrated fly line leader, you may cut or adjust it as you see fit by adding 2-tone sighter material and tippet rings. Add your flies to the desired length of Fluoroflex Strong for a fast sink rate, and maximum abrasion resistance.


When even catching fish with a euro rig gets tough, the tough gets smaller! As fishing pressure, and angler knowledge increase, fish will get more selective and hyper-focused on perfect dead drifts. Fishing small flies can help entice even the most highly pressured fish.

Advanced Euro Nymphing Rig

Euro Nymphing Flies