Versatile Euro Rigs

To understand a river and fish it to its fullest, you must be able to do it all. Euro nymphing might be your go-to, but all the sudden a hatch goes off, and you need to change rigs quickly. Be your best versatile fly fisher and be ok to change.

No One Trick Anglers Here

Versatility is the game's name if you truly want to understand a river. You can do it with only one rod if you have the right mix of lines and leaders. When fishing is tough, the tough start nymphing. That's where the Euro Shorty conveniently converts your rod set up to a euro nymph-specific rig. Add tippet and flies, and engage your mind to full nymph mode. You'll be able to switch gears as soon as the river does.

Euro Nymph Shorty

Convert a regular fly line into a euro nymph line with ease. Eliminate the need for two rods when you switch from nymphing to dries or vice-versa, whether the hatch pops off or stops abruptly. It's 20ft and super sensitive, simply loop it to your line and go!

Euro Nymph Leader & Two-Tone/Fluoroflex Strong Tippet

Advances in nymphing techniques drive our Euro Nymph Leader. 9' of white tapered nylon is attached to a two-tone Indicator Tippet for max visibility. Finished with a tippet ring, add Fluoroflex Strong—our strongest, fastest sinking—tippet and start catching.


An angler's success on the water lies in knowing when to switch up strategies. Maybe nymphing isn't your first choice, but sometimes the bite is tough—and that's when you break out the beaded bug box. Complete attractor patterns galore because sometimes you just need to put a fish in the net.

Euro Nymphing Flies

Master of Techniques

When you've got your local streams and rivers dialed in, you know exactly what to bring and exactly when to use it. When the streamers aren't getting the job done, or the prolific BWO hatch suddenly stops, it's time to switch up the approach. The Tech Euro Shorty is the perfect way to add versatility to your setup without carrying a second rod. With the right tools in your river pack, you can maximize your time on the water with technique-specific applications.

Technical Euro Nymph Shorty

The Technical Euro Nymph Shorty combines the needs of the modern nymph angler with those who need increased versatility, or are unable to carry multiple rods to the river. This line conveniently loops onto any fly line and like the full version features a pink monofilament core extending from within the line, creating a knotless integrated leader.

Fluoroflex Strong & Two-Tone Tippet

With the integrated fly line leader, you may cut or adjust it as you see fit by adding 2-tone sighter material and tippet rings. Add your flies to the desired length of Fluoroflex Strong for a fast sink rate, and maximum abrasion resistance.


This ain't your first rodeo. It takes a well-rounded angler to know what to use, how, and when. You've dialed in your local waters with the right bugs for nymphing—a mix of imitative and suggestive patterns that guarantee a reward with a good drift.

Advanced Versatile Euro Nymph Rig

Euro Nymphing Flies