Atlantic Salmon Rigs

When the great leaper takes a fly and starts to do what they do best you’d best be prepared. With our Atlantic Salmon Rigs—get ready for explosive eats with a rig that takes care of the finer points of Salar from fly to line.

Single-Hand Salar

Swinging flies for Atlantic salmon or steelhead on a single hand rod can be deadly effective. If you need to roll cast, or swing a large streamer for anadramous fish, this is the rig for you.

Elite Salmon / Steelhead

The Salmon/Steelhead line was designed for anglers who want to swing flies on a single hand rod. A powerful bullet front taper easily turns over large steelhead and salmon flies. Combined with just the ideal rear weight distribution for roll casting makes this line the ultimate tool for swinging up chromers.

Steelhead/Salmon Leader & Tippet

The steelhead/salmon leaders are made with a powerful taper to easily turn over larger flies in all conditions. They are made from a stiff nylon that's durable and abrasion resistant. With similar properties add Salmon/Steelhead tippet for your desired length.


Atlantic Salmon and steelhead aren't known for being shy when it comes to flies. They can be enticed by color, flash, movement, and size. So bring the fly fishing equivalent of a bedazzled Ferrari and you're sure to get a grab.

Atlantic Salmon Rig

Atlantic Salmon Flies