Largemouth Rigs

Whether this is your first bucket-mouth in the bag or your fiftieth, every angler should try bass on the fly! We rigged up the ideal combination of line, leader, and fly to take on these explosive eaters all summer long.

The Best For Bass

Big ol' flies, substantial meals, generous rewards. Bass fishing is for more than just regular gear enthusiasts. Bass on the fly is here, and it's a whole lotta fun. Toss frogs into the lilies, throw poppers along the shorelines or strip meaty baitfish near structures. Largemouth bites are downright explosive. Modern equipment and techniques make bass on the fly an outstanding summertime activity if you live in the north or have year-round activity in the south.

Elite Warmwater Predator

There are times when a large fly is a best or only option. Modeled after our popular Elite Predator line, the Elite Warmwater Predator is designed to easily cast those big flies with precision and accuracy in warmer conditions. Meaty flies are a perfect match for this line with its short, powerful front taper and plenty of weight at the front.

Bass Leader & Tippet

Bass are predators built to eat a variety of prey. To match their ferocity, you need the right leader and tipper to ensure you don't lose the lunker of a lifetime. Our bass tippet and leaders were designed to meet the rigors of battling smallmouth and largemouth. They're made from medium stiff nylon to help turn over large flies and have a high abrasion resistance.


There's no more adrenaline-pumping experience than fishing for bass on the surface. They don't call 'em bucket mouths for nothing—bass chase their meals enthusiastically almost every time—especially unsuspecting frogs in the lilies. So get to poppin' and swimmin' some frogs for some explosive eats!

Largemouth Rig

Largemouth Flies