A Guide to Argentina's Greatest Sea-Run Brown Trout Rivers

Jake Crawford May 28, 2024

In today’s world of anadromous angling, the sea-run brown trout rivers of Argentina are true “standouts” with healthy returns, trophy fish, and relatively stable summer water conditions. The Argentine sea trout experience is a high-quality one across the board, with exceptional guides, fine accommodations and three very distinct rivers to choose from.

So how does one choose which river? How do they differ from one another? What specific fishing methods are employed on each system, and which fishing style will appeal to guests the most? These answers differ for each individual, but the bullet points below will help all interested in the region understand the unique attributes of Argentina’s three finest sea trout rivers. Our mission is to help you find the river and lodge that will best suit your needs and in turn, allow you to experience some of the world’s finest anadromous fishing. Below is a contrast and comparison of the world’s best sea-run brown trout fisheries:

Rio Grande:

  • In the heart of Tierra del Fuego and spans Argentina and Chile.
  • The world’s most famous and consistent river for sea-run brown trout.
  • Catch rates are on the higher end of the spectrum.
  • Multiple lodges offer a range of accommodations from homestyle to luxury.
  • Deeper pools that are typically fished with sink tips on a modified swing.
  • Spey and single-hand fishing.
  • Legitimate opportunities for fish in the 20+lb class.
  • Guests fish one to two pools per session (2 to 4 per day).

Our favorite lodges: Despedida Lodge, Estancia Maria Behety, and Kau Tapen

Rio Gallegos:

  • Located on the mainland in the Santa Cruz Province of southern Argentina.
  • A broader lower-gradient system with a mixture of deeper pools, as well as shallow runs and productive flats.
  • Spey fishing predominately with floating Scandinavian-style lines with mono leaders or clear intermediate poly leaders.
  • Catch rates are more modest but still respectable for anadromous standards.
  • Interesting and dynamic fishing that rewards stealth, casting skill, and craft.
  • Quality accommodations and experienced guides.
  • Large beats where guests will fish multiple pools each session.

Our favorite lodges: Las Buitreras Lodge and Bella Sofia Lodge

Rio Irigoyen:

  • The most remote, wild, and scenic sea trout river in Argentina.
  • Smaller river suitable for single-hand fishing with floating lines.
  • More sheltered from the wind, where stealth and technique are rewarded.
  • Catch rates are modest, but the scenery and experience are incredible as a whole.
  • Opportunity to fish tidewater for sea-run browns and robalo (sea bass).
  • One operator with exclusive access to the river, limited to just four anglers per week.
  • Beats with multiple smaller pools that guests walk between.
  • The fishing style is more like technical trout hunting than step-and-swing anadromous fishing.

Exclusive Lodge: World's End Lodge

Space is limited for the 2025 season. To secure your spot and to dig into the finer details and open dates for the coming season, please reach out to our resident sea-run brown trout and South America Destinations Manager, Jake Crawford below.

South America Destinations Manager - Jake Crawford

Contact our South America Destinations Manager Jake Crawford for a complete breakdown of these magnificent rivers, the best times to fish them and current availability for the 2025 season.