Our mission at Fly Water Travel has always been and remains to be above all else, trusted service providers for a vast and varied cast of passionate, well-informed travelers.

Fly Water Travel was born out of a passion for fishing, discovery, and people. The drive to stalk fish, the curiosity to explore and a dedication to continual improvement are woven deep into the DNA of our founders and organization. From its inception, Fly Water Travel has been an inspired endeavor forged by a special lasting friendship turned partnership, a shared sense of adventure, and a love of both fishing and people. Fortunately for us (and our valued guests), our passion goes beyond the pleasures of personal fishing, into a service ethos in which helping others access and experience the wonders of the angling world prove more satisfying and meaningful than our personal catches. Creating the most trusted, respected, progressive, and ethical fishing travel company has been a journey. The hardest and most exciting part has been realizing that the process is never complete and that everything we hope to accomplish remains a work in progress.  What drives us today is “creating the ultimate service company for anglers and outfitters alike.” While we feel we could never spend enough time on the water, the commitment to making the service experience our highest priority is a choice we are proud of.  

Our role is to help guests sort through a vast array of global fishing opportunities to find the one that best meets their needs and desires. Once the destination is selected, we are there to guide them through the details and particulars of making that trip happen. We represent over 225 operators around the world.  This includes everything from day trips with guides in our home state of Oregon to expeditions in the far corners of the globe with offerings covering a range from simple tent camps to extravagant lodges. Our founders and staff have traveled and fished just about every major fishery in the world giving us a perspective on opportunities that is exceedingly broad, based, and refreshingly unbiased.  In addition, our advice and services are free as our rates are guaranteed to match that of the destination we represent.

Whether you are a seasoned traveling angler or looking to arrange your first guided fishing outing we are here to help.