Abaco Lodge Permit Opportunity

Dylan Rose August 21, 2023

For decades, Bahamas permit have been a well-kept secret amongst a passionate group of anglers.

The Bahamas has widely been known in the saltwater fly-fishing sphere as offering some of the world's finest bonefish opportunities. Whether your preference is lots of fish, big fish, tough fish, easy fish or downright monster fish, when it comes to bonefishing there is surely a suitable location for you in the Bahamas. For decades, targeting permit in these areas has remained something of a mythical pursuit. It's understandably pretty tough for most anglers to pull away from world class bonefishing only to throw up a Hail Mary for a permit. However, increasingly we've been hearing of more and more opportunities for permit regularly occurring in the Abacos. In fact, on my last trip to Abaco Lodge in May I threw at permit twice in 2 days while bonefishing and several times I saw permit happily cruising on the back of massive stingrays. It was certainly enough to think strongly about putting the bonefish rod away and focus on permit! 

Abaco Lodge has identified several weeks below with optimal tides and seasonality for any hardy permit anglers willing to explore the area exclusively for permit. For years, the guide team at Abaco Lodge has been quietly developing strategies to expertly target these fish. As well, it undoubtedly seems that the environmental shifts following the destruction of hurricane Dorian have evolved to provide a very conducive environment for permit, as everyone can agree there are just more fish around right now. The fishery is known to house some truly large specimens, with fish over 20lbs certainly possible and many in-the-know believe that if more anglers were willing to dedicate time exclusively to permit, the opportunity is massive. Grab a week below for your chance to achieve legendary status and land a monster Bahamian permit. 

Available Dates: 

  • June 16 - 22, 2024: 6 spots
  • June 22 - 28, 2024: 6 spots
  • June 28 - July 4, 2024: 6 spots

Rate for a 6 night/ 5 day package: 

$6,550 + 10% VAT per person based on single room/ shared guide
$9,950 + 10% VAT per person based on single room/ single guide

Abaco Lodge, Bahamas

Fish both sides of Abaco Island - the famous, vast Marls-side and the eastern, ocean-side.

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