African Safari & Saltwater Fly Fishing in One Incredible Experience

Dylan Rose August 01, 2023

Fly Water Travel offers several African trips where it's possible to combine a fishing adventure with a wildlife safari experience.

Adding on a safari provides a rich and dynamic experience to a trip. It's a magical way to further connect oneself to the environment. The photography opportunities alone are akin to hooking and landing that fish of your dreams. For the shutter bugs among us, there is a unique thrill to capturing a wild elephant peering at you through the leaves or that 400-pound silverback sizing you up. We've found that following up a fishing adventure with a safari experience is the perfect capper to an African experience. It gives the trip a unique conduit by which to enjoy the ecosystem from a completely different vantage point and provides a deeper connection between the environment and surrounding culture as whole. 

Let's Get You Ready to Travel on a African Safari

Our Africa Destination Manager is Dylan Rose