Alaska Fly Out

David Kalinowski January 30, 2023

The float plane is a staple in Alaska. This tool allows for the most diverse and best fishing opportunities.

The first stages of planning a fishing vacation in Alaska can spark many ideas, wants, and wishes. The state offers incredibly diverse opportunities in its vast number of fisheries. Many folks desire to catch salmon, trout, char, grayling all on the same trip. While this certainly can happen, the reality is that there are few singular rivers that offer all this in a highly productive fashion. You will sacrifice one species for the other in terms of catching. For example, the greatest number of large trout on average live in the Katmai Park region, but you find fewer silver salmon, grayling, and char than in other regions. If you head to western Alaska, you will find great salmon fisheries, lots of Dolly Vardon and grayling, but not the same number or size of trout on average. To overcome this and maximize angling opportunities, consider flying.

The float plane is a staple in Alaska and the tool that allows for the most diverse and best fishing opportunities. Guests simply fly to where the fishing is good and for the species they wish to catch. A “fly out” lodge will offer the most choices and chances for fulfilling your Alaska fishing desires. Packages are typically a weeklong, offering six days of flying included, as well as the highest level of service and comfort you can find. Each night planning for the following day’s experience, choosing from a diverse menu of fisheries, will be discussed with the head guide/manager. The location of the lodge and the timing of the trip will dictate what you can experience. Knowing the details of each program and talking through the options is an important part of making a wise choice.

Another appeal of a fly out lodge is that they typically can cater to any angler so finding a great place to match your physical needs and skills will be greater that a standalone lodge. Many fly out lodges have jet boats stashed on several rivers or in some cases, will fly rafts into a system so that guests can float for a day, retrieving guests by plane to take them back to the lodge. Fly out lodges offer you the ability to hike as much or as little as you would like, some being able to drop you off steps away from the fish.

I will acknowledge that the cost of these operations will be at the top since operating an aircraft in remote situations and catering to an array of guests is expensive. The good news is that the inclusions and comfort make for the easiest planning. Travel to/from is organized and in some cases will allow for less time in Anchorage which can be a costly add on to the front or back of a week. Most fly out lodges are well-equipped with gear and will have everything you need for the week which means you can pack light. Considering all that a fly out lodge has to offer that trip of a lifetime becomes a more reasonable reality.

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