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Eastslope Adventures, Alberta

Max Salzburg December 22, 2023

Southern Alberta, home to where the mountains meet the plains, is a beautiful and amazing place.

Eastslope Adventures - Alberta, Canada

At the tail end of Waterton Reservoir, Cam Jenson built his Eastslope Adventures. Strategically situated in the center of over 20 different venues all within a 90-minute drive, Eastslope Adventures offers anglers the opportunity to choose their own adventure each day. If guests would like to catch high numbers of healthy, wild cutthroat trout they can go into the nearby mountains and have the opportunity for double-digit catch number days. If guests want to go high risk/high reward they can choose to fish the larger tailwaters and local springs for truly trophy trout. A lodge designed and built for anglers by anglers, Eastslope Adventures is a comfortable and clean lodge with hearty meals, but make no mistake guests are there to fish and fish hard.


Where did you go and how did you get there? 
I visited Eastslope Adventures in southern Alberta. To get there I flew to Great Falls, Montana (GTF) then rented a car and drove approximately 3.5-hours to Eastslope Adventures. The drive was easy, and I crossed the US/Canadian border at the Carway crossing.

 Where did you fish?

I fished the Castle, Oldman, St. Mary, Waterton, and Livingstone rivers.

How was fishing?

Very good! The fun thing about Eastslope Adventures is the variety of the fishing. Each day guests can choose what they want their experience to be. From targeting high numbers of fish in small mountain streams like the Castle and Upper Oldman to fishing for trophy fish on the tailwaters of the Waterton and St. Mary where 3 fish over the 18-inch mark in a day is a very good day, anglers at Eastslope Adventures have flexibility that is not common at other destinations. 

How did you fish?

We would start our days fishing with double nymphs under an indicator until we started to notice hatches coming off the water. As soon as we saw bugs in the air we would switch to dry flies.  Just because the fishing was good, does not mean that it was easy. Guests who want to experience the amazing fisheries of Alberta should be ready to make a good cast, then mend the line and be able to control the fly or flies through the drift. When fishing with dry flies, guests will do themselves a favor if they have a good reach cast or ariel mend in their arsenal. It is also important to set hard and set a lot, sometimes the fish would just barely eat the fly and sometimes even big fish would just sip the flies.

Where did you stay? 

At the Eastslope Adventures lodge not far from the small town of Hill Spring. The lodge is comfortable and clean right on the Waterton River with amazing views of Glacier National Park and the Waterton Park Front. Eastslope Adventures is the perfect basecamp for angling in southern Alberta.

What equipment did you use and how did it perform?

I fished a 5- and 6-weight Sage R8 Core with a RIO Bank Robber Line. The rod performed great and can fish any application well.

I really enjoyed fishing the Bank Robber line. It casts well, but where it really shines is that it mends nicely. With a small pop of the wrist, I was able to place the line where I wanted it in the drift.

In conclustion, Eastslope Adventures in Alberta, Canada, offers a unique and flexible fly fishing experience. With diverse fishing venues, comfortable accommodations, and skilled guides, it's an ideal destination for anglers seeking both variety and challenge in their pursuits. The stunning natural surroundings further enhance the overall appeal of this exceptional fly fishing destination.

Eastslope Adventures

Experience a simple lodge built for anglers by anglers.