Experience Trophy Trout

David Kalinowski, Max Salzburg, & Jake Crawford April 12, 2023

We all know the adage: first, you want to catch a fish, then a lot of fish, and next a great big fish.

For all the trout anglers out there in the latter phase, this curated selection is for you. Whether it is sight fishing wary brown trout in New Zealand, swing fishing steelhead-like Alaskan rainbows, or hoping not to open the hook as an obese Jurassic Lake rainbow heads out to deeper waters, we have a lot of places where our guests can target huge trout. Let us help you find the venues that work for you.

Let's Get You Ready To Experience Alaska

Our Alaska Destination Manager is David Kalinowski

Let's Get You Ready To Experience New Zealand

Our New Zealand Destination Manager is Max Salzburg

Let's Get You Ready To Experience Patagonia

Our Patagonia Destination Manager is Jake Crawford