Fall on the Flats - Prime Openings at The Delphi Club

Dylan Rose August 30, 2023

Here in Southern Oregon, we look forward every year to an incredible Fall season. As the climate begins to cool and some moisture fills the sky once again, the leaves change color, and the environment seems to burst into life.

The aspens, cottonwoods, and maples glow in a kaleidoscope of crimson, yellow, orange and green. Steelhead and salmon begin nosing their way upstream and Fall turkey, deer and duck hunting all get set to open. The cooler temperatures seem to activate the trout with the bugs hatching in mass and playoff baseball is on TV. The ritual of Sunday gatherings to watch your favorite grid iron matchups commence, school gets started once again and there is a decidedly giddy feeling in town that we'll soon be watching our little ones racing from house to house, conning the neighbors into one more scoop of candy. It's truly a magnificent time of year and undoubtedly my favorite. 

With so much going on, it's easy to see why many anglers seem to lose sight of the fact that these same conditions that make Oregon amazing in the Fall are actually at play (relatively speaking) in the Bahamas as well. Day time temperatures fall from 84 to a pleasant 79 degrees. The water begins to cool, and the fish spend less time with spawning behavior. With the flats rested all summer long (with nearly all of our operations closed) we see consistently great catches in the Fall of larger on average specimens as anglers-in-the-know take advantage of gross lack of angling pressure. All too often, we see our clientele look past the wonders of the Fall season for fear of storms that may impact the trip. Certainly, the rainy season and the risk of storms is something everyone is aware of, however, the likelihood of a major system impacting your trip is relatively remote. There is simply a lot going on at home as I've described, but every year we see anglers willing to book a Fall Bahamas trip enjoy some seriously eye-popping rewards. With lower prices, better availability and large bones that are just waiting for a well-placed spawning shrimp, it's certainly worth giving the Fall in the Bahamas a second look. 

Don't miss these rare and juicy Fall openings at the incomparable Delphi Club. 

The Delphi Club, Bahamas

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