Introducing the Tsimane Helicopter Fishing Program

Max Salzburg October 05, 2021

Our friends at Untamed Angling in Bolivia are excited to announce that they have recently acquired the national park and environmental ministry licenses to start an amazing new program with their indigenous partners.

Based at the Pluma Lodge, this new program includes short daily flights in a helicopter (5- to 15-minutes) to all the headwaters of Tsimane rivers and creeks — magical spots and untouched places where very few humans have set a foot before.


With over 20 known beats of water so far, this exciting program is best suited for active anglers that want to visit the Bolivian wilderness to fish well-rested, technical fisheries for large resident dorado and pacu.

The program is limited to 4 anglers per week with 10 weeks available during the three-month season (August, September, and October).

For the Tsimane Heli Fishing program Untamed Angling is expanding the Pluma Lodge with new features:

  • 5 new single occupancy rooms
  • New private dining and living rooms separate from the lodge dining and living rooms
  • A small spa
  • A heliport

Rate: $16,000 + $1,250 native fees per person for a 9 night/ 6 day package based on single occupancy.