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Pirarucu Lodge, Brazil 2022 Season Report

Rafael Costa | Untamed Angling December 13, 2022

At the end of our 2022 season in Pirarucú, our eighth season, we can honestly say that our high expectations were met, and in some cases, exceeded. Among some of the highlights were broken records, and amazing fishing overall.

Throughout our season, which spans from September through November, the water levels were lower than usual. Most rivers in the central Amazon watershed reacted this way, thanks to the natural phenomenon of La Nina. This reality made our logistics a little more challenging than seasons past, but on the other hand, the weather gave us tremendous fishing conditions.

The final numbers this season ended with an average of 215 Arapaima landed. This is quite an amazing average, breaking down to almost one arapaima landed per angler per day. That is practically unheard of, so we were more than pleased with those statistics.

The average size of the captured arapaima this season was outstanding, with more than 30 fish over 2 meters. It is because of these numbers that our guides named this season “The Season of Monsters”. To go along with that name, we decided to create the Monsters Award, giving names and numbers to every angler who landed a truly giant, monstrous arapaima with us.

In the coming weeks, we will share all of the images of those monsters on our social media channels, so stay tuned! 

But first, we will recognize that five largest fish of the season:

Monsters Awards

5th Place - 225 cm. - Andrés Castilho - Brazil

4th Place - 229 cm. - Milton Gareca - Argentina

3rd Place - 230 cm. - Paul Burton - USA

2nd Place - 233 cm. - Eduardo Castro - Brazil 

Largest Fish of the season - 235 cm. - Ken Dawes - England 

Pirarucu Lodge, Brazil

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