Destination Reports

Summertime Grand Slam Magic at El Pescador

Dylan Rose September 20, 2023

Long tenured client Bob S. summed up his 4th trip to El Pescador beautifully by saying:

"Here is my 12 lb Permit. I also caught a Grand Slam, and many big Tarpon. I need to book for next year!"


I will continue to expose the benefits of summer time bookings in the Caribbean and this report should provide ample proof to anyone still skeptical of my prodding to take a look at July - September. Lower rates, better availability, better guide selection and you have to love that migratory tarpon upside!

El Pescador offers the perfect blend of hard-core fishing, comfortable surroundings and a rich suite of amenities to keep spouses and non-fishing guests enthused. El Pescador attends to all of the details and offers top notch experiences for our guests. This family-run operation has been at the top of their game for well over 20 years, and it shows.

El Pescador Lodge

Enjoy a comfortable Belizean lodge with activities for anglers, couples, and families