The Excitement Builds: Kendjam 2024 Season Preview

Untamed Angling - Brazil May 15, 2024

As the 2024 season at Untamed Angling's Kendjam Lodge approaches, the lodge is thrilled to invite anglers back to the heart of the Amazon for another unforgettable season in the Amazonian jungle.

Nestled within the pristine wilderness, Kendjam Lodge stands as a beacon for anglers and nature lovers seeking the ultimate escape.

The jungle, the wildlife and remote views seen daily at Kendjam make it a truly special destination. The fishing is simply the icing on the cake and anglers from all walks of life can be successful while enjoying this fishery. From some of the most outlandish species you've ever thought to catch on a fly like the wolf fish and bicuda, to favorites like the peacock bass, there's something for all adventurous anglers here.

Not too mention, this has to be one of the best places in the world for an opportunity to see a wild jaguar. Wild macaws are see daily as well as potential to see the rare hyacinth macaw. There's a vast amount of wildlife throughout the river system with various species of amazon parrots, conures, toucans, kingfishers, white tailed eagles, herons, anhingas, turtles, peccaries, false water cobras, caimens, tapirs, howler monkeys, and capuchins to name a few.

If you love adventure and want to experience the Amazon, this place is for you.

What's New in 2024?

This year, Kendjam Lodge has elevated their offerings to enhance your experience. See a collection of the improvements and new offerings on tap for Kendjam below.

Upgraded Lodging

Enjoy newly upgraded decoration at our accommodations designed with eco-friendly materials, ensuring comfort while maintaining Kendjam's commitment to sustainability.

Expanded Guide Training

Kendjam Lodge has expert guides, deeply familiar with the rich biodiversity of the Amazon, have undergone additional training to enhance your adventure and increase your chances of landing the perfect catch.

Culinary Delights

Chef Frede has crafted an even more special menu for the 2024 season, featuring local ingredients and traditional recipes with a gourmet twist, promising to delight your palate after a day on the river.

Tropical Mixology

The lodge's renowned mixologist, Dilvani, has concocted a new range of tropical drinks, infusing local fruits and spirits to refresh and surprise you with every sip.

Exploratory Outcamps

This season, Kendjam Lodge is excited to announce the addition of two outcamps in regions of the Iriri River that have yet to be explored. This promises a true adventure for those eager to cast their lines into untouched waters.

Prime Fly Fishing

The clear waters of the Iriri River are teeming with peacock bass, pacu, matrinxã, bicuda, the mighty wolffish and more. Kendjam's catch-and-release policy ensures thrilling sport while preserving the river’s vibrant ecosystem.

Wildlife Encounters

Beyond fishing, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Amazonian wildlife. Spot colorful macaws, elusive jaguars, and playful river otters during your stay.

Cultural Immersion

Engage with the local Kayapó community, learning about their deep connections to the land and their sustainable practices that protect their ancestral home.

Kendjam Lodge, Brazil

Spaces for the 2024 season are filling up quickly! Secure your spot now to experience the unparalleled beauty and challenge of fly fishing in Kendjam.

Kendjam Lodge looks forward to welcoming you, where the river awaits to test your skills and the jungle offers its endless wonders. Prepare for an enhanced journey of flavors and adventures!