Heavy Duty Trout Spey Rigs

Swinging flies is simply more fun with two-hands, and our
lineup of Trout Spey rigs are a testament to that. When heavy-duty is the name
of the game, in step Skagit heads. Built for large and carnivorous trout and
the larger flies used to get their attention, Skagit trout spey rigs provide the
power to cast larger flies and leeches with ease.

Bigger & Heavier

When the menu calls for big and heavy, Skagit lines are the name of the game. With heavier heads for increased mass, these rigs shine with weighted sink tips and bulky streamers. Designed to target different depths and swing meaty streamers with ease, Skagit trout spey setups are the tool of choice. Perfect for big Brown’s, fast water, or casting far in technical conditions and on larger rivers.

Elite Skagit Mini Max Power

When The ideal head for casting streamers and heavy sink tips on light two-handed rods and trout spey with exceptional ease, the unique weight distribution of the Elite Skagit Mini Max Power deeply loads the rod for long casts while a powerful front taper delivers enough punch to turn over all the weight you need to get large flies down to the fish. Shorter head lengths make this line the perfect choice for two-handed rods in lighter sizes, enabling easy casts when space behind the caster is limited.

MOW Tips & Tippet

A heavy-duty skagit system requires a tip that has enough mass to turn the rig over, and because of this, a Skagit MOW Tip is the tip of choice. Coming in a number of sink rates from floating to straight T-8 (7 inches per second), a MOW tip allows anglers to swing a wide variety of water types at various depths. Add on an arms length of Fluoroflex Strong tippet, meaty streamer, and you’re off to the races. For running line attached to the head, we recommend lighter trout spey appropriate Powerflex Ultra in the .025’” - .030” range.

Heavy-Duty Flies

No "big fish" box would be complete without streamers in multiple sizes and reflective color properties. Get them copper to keep things natural, silver for water with a more green hue, or two-toned that offers movement and fishability. Articulated minnows, with free flowing bunny and flash are fished all over the West, from the 406 to the Green.

Heavy Duty Trout Spey Rig

Heavy Duty Trout Spey Flies