Get to Know Simon Gawesworth

Meet Simon

Simon Gawesworth’s impact and contribution to the world of fly fishing is legendary. His prolific career spans some 35 years. For those who have had a chance to learn from and fish with Simon, they will tell you that his humble, charming, and naturally delivered expertise is unmatched in the world of fly fishing. 

At the age of 8 years old, Simon’s father taught him to fly fish in his hometown of Kent, England. At 13 he moved to Devon, England and entered a fly-casting competition at the local fair, where he promptly won. This propelled Simon into the world of tournament casting and with his father’s tutelage he competed regularly around England from 1978 to 1985. Casting competitions eventually led to fishing competitions and then a lifetime of achievement in the sport ensued. 

In the early-1990’s, by invitation from Jim Vincent (RIO Products co-founder), Simon worked to develop RIO’s fly line offerings while also driving the brand direction for many years. His passion for casting, both single-hand and Spey, helped to drive RIO’s eventual dominance in fly line design. 

His love of teaching, his natural delivery and effortless ability to teach advanced fly casting concepts to both beginners and experts alike have influenced a generation of fly anglers. The sport has placed Simon on fisheries and teaching venues around the world and his vast experience now helps drive Far Bank’s educational and engagement initiatives. 

Simon is A.P.G.A.I. and S.T.A.N.I.C. certified in the U.K. and C.I., Master and T.H.C.I. certified in the U.S. through Fly Fishers International. In 2019 Simon was the recipient of the Lifetime Teaching Award by Fly Fishers International. 

Simon currently lives in the United Kingdom with his family. 

Fish With Simon

As part of Far Banks’s continuing series on fly fishing education, it is now possible to travel and fish with Simon at some of Fly Water’s favorite destinations. From beginning trout tactics and advanced concepts in spey casting, to delving into the finer aspects of targeting redfish and stripers on the fly, join Simon and learn the skills to become a better caster and fly angler.

A hallmark of any great teacher is the ability to explain a process or concept in multiple ways so that a student’s learning style can resonate with the instruction. Simon has a natural, approachable, and open manner that resonates with his students and leads them to success. His passion for casting and teaching results in an easily digestible and simple presentation that’s easy for anglers of all levels to understand, which has made him one of the most sought-after fly fishing educators in the industry. Furthermore, it’s his unyielding charm that’s made him a legend. Please take advantage of Far Bank’s continuing educational opportunities to learn and fish directly with Simon on some of the world’s most interesting and productive fisheries in the world.

“As much as any of this, I just love the technical skill required to make a good cast, and can get as much satisfaction out of casting as I can from fishing.”

Get to Know Simon Gawesworth