Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Saltwater Grand Slam, Snook
Destination Type
Luxury Lodge
Fishing Style
Flats, Sightfishing, Skiff
Fishing Days
3 - 10+
Why We Go
  • Stay at a luxurious, jungle resort while accessing world-famous permit waters
  • Experience a beautiful, Belizean jungle retreat with unique and tasteful accommodations
  • Fish for permit with some of the world's most knowledgeable and skilled guides
  • Enjoy a wide range of outdoor and cultural adventures and activities
  • Dine on organic, locally grown or sourced farm-to-table cuisine

The beautiful Copal Tree Lodge is perched above the small village of Punta Gorda, Belize on a jungle hillside near the southern border with Guatemala. The property boasts 12,000 acres of private jungle land with a farm that supplies over 80% of all the food needs for the lodge. Along with world-class hospitality and an organic farm-to-table dining experience, Copal Tree Lodge offers a luxurious home base to fly fishing for permit, tarpon, and bonefish or explore the Belizean jungle.

Adventure is easy to come by at Copal Tree Lodge and the famed permit flats are only the beginning. Adventures and experiences including kayaking, cave tubing, snorkeling, sailing, and hiking are all available on-site. Guests can also simply relax at the spa, pool, or craft-rum bar. Anglers take a 10-minute ride in a safari-style Land Cruiser to the Garbutt Brother’s marina where flats skiffs await to access the expansive and permit-rich waters of the Port Honduras Marine Reserve.

For those looking for a dedicated permit destination or a couples’ trip with some fishing mixed in, Copal Tree Lodge offers refined luxury, brilliant cuisine, a wide range of adventure activities all within an off-the-beaten-track Belizean jungle setting.

Fishing Program

Anglers staying at Copal Tree Lodge spend their days chasing permit in the capable hands of the Garbutt brothers and their guiding team. The Garbutts are well-known in the sphere of permit fly fishing and are some of the most sought-after, experienced, and skilled permit guides found anywhere in the world. Anglers fish two per guide out of flats skiffs.

The fishery here focuses on two main zones that are accessible out of the Garbutt’s marina. The first is an outer coral flats area that encompasses some 130+ small islands, which form the main archipelago of the Sapodilla Cayes. A secondary, near-shore lagoon area provides a change of pace and shelter in the event of adverse weather conditions. The lagoon is a vast, shallow expanse with a soft bottom that is perfect for hunting tailing permit.


Copal Tree Lodge has 16 private suites and a three-bedroom villa, which offer the best in luxury and comfort. The accommodations are designed as a testament to Belize’s natural beauty and nearly every detail, from the woodwork to the tiles to the artwork, is sourced from local artisans. Whether relaxing on one of the canopy beds or lounging on a private veranda, guests will enjoy Belizean jungle within the comfort of their own rooms.

Delicious, authentic food is at the core of the Copal Tree Lodge experience. Belizean cuisine is culturally complex, with influences from the Maya, East Indian, Creole, Mexican and Garifuna cultures. Copal Tree meals are made almost exclusively from ingredients grown on their own farm. The meats are raised locally and are butchered and cured on-site. The lodge farm also raises their own hogs and pastured poultry and uses only fresh, local and sustainable seafoods.


Day 1: Arrive Belize City International Airport (BZE), Arrive Punta Gorda and transfer to Copal Tree

Day 2 - 7: Full days guided fishing

Day 8: Depart Punta Gorda, Depart Belize City International Airport (BZE) for home

Rates & Details

2024 Rates: Per person based on double occupancy

Jungle Suite:

January 4 - May 31:

  • 7 night/6 day package: $5,275
  • 6 night/5 day package: $4,625
  • 5 night/4 day package: $3,825
  • 4 night/3 day package: $3,075
  • 3 night/2 day package: $2,375

June 1 - December 18:

  • 7 night/6 day package: $4,525
  • 6 night/5 day package: $3,975
  • 5 night/4 day package: $3,275
  • 4 night/3 day package: $2,625
  • 3 night/2 day package: $2,000

Canopy Suite:

January 4 - May 31:

  • 7 night/6 day package: $6,250
  • 6 night/5 day package: $5,325
  • 5 night/4 day package: $4,575
  • 4 night/3 day package: $3,425
  • 3 night/2 day package: $2,675

June 1 - December 18:'

  • 7 night/6 day package: $5,275
  • 6 night/5 day package: $4,625
  • 5 night/4 day package: $3,825
  • 4 night/3 day package: $3,075
  • 3 night/2 day package: $2,375

Included: Accommodations at the lodge, all meals, complimentary use of all amenities (use of gym, laundry service, self-guided complimentary activities, kayaking/canoeing, mountain biking, onsite hiking).

Not Included: All airfare, fishing license, fishing gear (which may be borrowed based on availability), all beverages, gratuities.

Target Species: Permit, bonefish, tarpon, snook, jacks

Season: Year-round

Capacity: 8 anglers

Fly Water Q&A

Who is best suited to this destination? Anglers that are keen to chase permit and would like to stay in a luxury lodge with all of the creature comforts imaginable. Also this is a great place for mixed groups and couples that would like to take part in a wide range of experiences and outdoor adventures.

Where is the lodge? Copal Tree Lodge is located on a dense, 12,000 acre private jungle property set in the hills above Punta Gorda, Belize – about 10 minutes away from town. Punta Gorda lies about 16 miles as the crow flies from Belize’s southern border with Guatemala.

How do I get there? Anglers fly in to the Belize City International Airport (BZE) and then connect aboard an included short flight (approximately 45 minutes) to Punta Gorda via Tropic Air.

When should I go? The lodge is open year-round with prime time being March – June. Shoulder season and off-season rates may apply as well. The summer months can be hot but may offer great fishing.

How will I fish? Two anglers fish in a private flats skiff with one guide. Fishing is primarily sight fishing in shallow water.

Is there wade fishing? Some wade fishing is available although most of the time is spent effectively covering the water from the boat.

Where will I fish? Anglers focus their efforts on the pristine, permit-rich waters of the Port Honduras Marine Reserve.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds? Guest will drive ten minutes to the water by Land Cruiser to meet their guides. Runs to the fishing grounds range from 35 – 45 minutes. Some areas may take an hour to reach depending on conditions.

What type(s) of fish will I catch? Permit are the main quarry every day, however, some bonefish, snook and tarpon opportunities also exist.

How many fish will I catch? When chasing permit, even one fish landed in the course of a week should be considered a success. We tell folks that they will typically catch between zero and three permit in dedicated week of fishing. Permit remain one of the most elusive, challenging and awe-inspiring species in the saltwater fly fishing world.

Will I see other anglers? You will rarely ever see other anglers. Sometimes commercial fisherman can be seen but competition for water is non-existent.

What are the guides like? The Garbutt Brothers’ team of guides are highly skilled, and very experienced on the water. They are true permit hunters and have the ability to teach and give good direction. English is their first language.

What are the physical demands? This trip is suitable for anyone, however, physically active adults can fully partake in all of the various adventures and activities that Copal Tree offers.

Are there any special skills required? Permit can be an extremely challenging species to target on the fly. Precision casting, high line speed, an effective double-haul, and a lot of good luck will greatly help your chances at landing a permit.

Does the lodge provide equipment? It’s best to bring your own equipment, but the lodge does have a small, well equipped fly shop on site with any items that you may have forgotten.

What is a typical day like? What is the general vibe, atmosphere and style of the lodge? The lodge is comfortable, beautiful, and nestled in the canopy of a pristine jungle environment. Despite all the amenities of a true luxury operation, Copal Tree maintains a casual feel and their friendly attentive staff makes people feel welcomed and relaxed.

Is there an on-site owner, manager or other point-person at the lodge? Yes. There is always an on-site manager that can respond to requests or questions that guests have.

Where do we eat, and what are the meals like? Meals are imaginative and fresh with ingredients procured locally or grown right there on the farm. Chef Renee Everett is master with the resources of a bustling farm at her full disposal.

What is the alcohol policy? Where do we stay, and what are the accommodations like? Accommodations are luxurious, well-appointed and full of amenities. There are several accommodation options at Copal Tree Lodge. Guests primarily stay two per suite in luxurious jungle cottages, complete with king size beds, A/C, a private screened in patio and private bathrooms. The ridge suite offers a private swimming pool and bar area as well.

Is there internet and/or cell service? Yes, internet is available at the lodge. Cell service is spotty, please check with your carrier.

Are there other activities? Yes! There are plenty of other activities including canoeing, kayaking, chocolate making classes, cave snorkeling, beach outings, birding, hiking, biking, tours of Punta Gorda and plenty more!

Do I need a visa? Are there any health concerns, dangers or annoyances? There are some mosquitoes and various insects around the lodge. It is a thriving, pristine jungle after all. However, the bugs are nothing a quality bug repellent can’t handle. Also, adding to the sounds around the lodge are a troop of resident Howler monkeys. These guys can make an unholy racket very early in the morning, but it is both a sight and sound to behold.

We recommend that guests always consult with the U.S. Department of State and the Center For Disease Control websites for general travel information and guidelines.

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